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Goodbye 2018

Another great year gone...

I was so blessed to photograph couples, families, graduates, newborns, dogs, professionals and much more. Art is always reinventing yourself and with all the great clients I had I was able to do so. For 2019 I'm thinking up some giveaways, new locations and concepts. Stay tuned.

Ok, here's some of what I learned in 2018:

Dutch Brothers has surpassed Chick-filet as the (now) second happiest place on earthTwo dogs make 4 times as much hair as 1 dog doesWhen teaching someone to drive you need to keep the comments to a minimumThey need to invent sports insurance - in the event that your kids enroll in too many sports and you can't support the fees/equipment/uniform billsCoffee with a friend makes the whole world right again (again, thank you Dutch Brothers)Squirrels are very smart and sassyNo one eats rhubarb There you have it - words of wisdom from me :)
Start planning your pictures now! Also, I have a fun idea for a tween/teen girl if anyone is inte…

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